In the summer of 2005, Christine Anderson went shedding. That’s what the old bluesmen would call it when they locked themselves in a dark shed, alone, and played for months without stopping… until one day they came out of there a completely different person, and a player to reckon with.

After six months spent scribbling lyrics and weeping at the piano, Christine emerged from the shed to record Live Summer Session 2005. Featuring Christine’s passionate performance of her 18 newest songs, this highly improvised live album was recorded in the artist’s living room, LIVE, in a single take.

Begun with six song outlines and a foot high stack of unfinished sketches, Christine composes as the tape rolls. The song “Over Now” was a complete impromptu surprise, composed entirely in real time as the recording captured its actual creation. The same is true of many of these songs, including the solo piano pieces. They are all pure on-the-spot impromptu compositions.