Okay, you guys. I’m finally coming out with it! I know you’ve all been wondering, “What the heck’s up with Christine?” Since I haven’t posted here in ages, and I’ve seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, I thought I’d pop in and surprise everyone with a nice little update.

You want to know where I am? I’m inspired. I’m totally friggin’ inspired. It’s like my mind is on continual download. I’ve burst through the ceiling of my previous limits, transcended them, and I now reside up here, in the flow. The fuh-low,people!

Think on this: the brain processes 400 billion bits of information per second, but we are only aware of 2,000 bits at any one time — usually information about our environment, body, and time. It’s like only seeing a little bit of the flashlight beam. That beam actually goes on forever, but light bends and the eye can only see it up to a point. From the perspective of my old ego driven, object oriented programming, I could only see so far. But now I’m looking from eye of the hurricane, the collision of all possibilities.

I know it sounds nutty, and I really wish it didn’t, but there’s a place I can go, almost like a day dream, where all my songs exist — even the ones I haven’t written yet!! It’s music all the time, the most beautiful music ever, and I have been meditating so passionately, it was like the universe


I’ve often had visions across the beyond.
But never at will
and never for long.
But the strangest thing happened
It’s hard to explain.
It’s like there’s a modem
attached to my brain.
I’m downloading songs
without having to think.
Like they’re written in
pure biochemical ink.
“Open your mind,
let the thoughts come aboard!”
says the octopus
stuck to my satellite switchboard.

– C. E. Anderson

So my last journal entry spawned some serious commentary. I like that. I’d also like to go on record that this is all rooted in science. Basic quantum physics, to be specific. What I have learned is so amazing that I feel almost guilty for possessing the knowledge, considering the historic roster of geniuses that missed out on it entirely, but actually deserved to know… when I only wanted to know.

FACT: We can influence changes in the world around us by simple observation and conscious thought. In other words, when focused properly, our imaginations are capable of co-creating this reality as it unfolds before our eyes. And if we control our imaginations, we create our realities.

It’s like lucid dreaming… my first real addiction. When I was a kid, I could hardly wait for bedtime, because that’s when the fun began. Sleep held my backstage pass to the mysterious interdimensional labyrinth of infinite possibilities. I could pop in and out of interwoven planes of existence, doing what kids do best: flying, vanquishing monsters, molding time and space, and experiencing the grandest and


It’s a beautiful day today. I am about to do my morning meditation, and I will be visualizing myself, making the record of my dreams. Now that I’ve recorded Live Summer Session 2005, I have an album to sell, and I will be able to put out even more CDs with the money coming in.

You may remember that I recorded Pianist Envy, a five song demo, in 2004. That was funded by a private investor, but the project was grossly mismanaged by the same person who later stole my piano and emptied my bank accounts. Barely any time was spent on the piano and vocals, and it didn’t turn out the way it should have. Not even close! Since I don’t have equipment to record at home, I’ve only been able to record when someone lends me the equipment or when I can afford to rent it… which isn’t often.

If I could record whenever I wanted, I swear to God I would have a new record every six months. No joke. That’s how fast I write. But the problem is that my mind can only hold so much. I have to record my ideas to get them out of my head, to make room for more songs that often come to me complete. But they don’t come if I haven’t cleared my head of all the other songs by recording them. So you see, I’ve been slowed down tremendously by my limited resources.

I’ve learned a lot during


It’s time, ladies and gentlemen. You can finally hear the songs I’ve been talking about all this time! That’s right. Live Summer Session 2005, with 18 songs and sixty minutes of original music, was released to the public this week, and the feedback is already pouring in from around the globe! If you’re just tuning in, LSS 2005 was recorded in my living room this past summer, LIVE in one take. I composed a lot of the music right there on the spot, using a big stack of my lyric notes for reference, and letting the inspiration take over from there. There were no producers telling me what to do (or what not to do), no engineers giving me another take; it was just me and the piano, playing and singing the music as it came to me, straight through without stopping.

This is guerrilla record making at its guerrillest, and I’m pleased to report that it’s turned out to be a smashing success… but you should have heard the sirens going off in my email box as people warned me not to take that kind of chance, because oh my god, live recordings don’t ever sound good, and don’t you want to sound as good as the bands on the radio?? People even freaked out when I told them I composed the songs impromptu. They hadn’t even heard the music yet and they were already judging it and warning me not to submit “rough” demos to the public, lest


I’ve been waiting all my life to write this journal entry! After years of hoping and hard work, my dreams are finally coming true! For starters, Live Summer Session 2005 is a bona fide smash hit. CDs have been flying off the shelves, and I can hardly keep up with the number of people who want to own a copy of this record. It’s unbelievable! This is a live, home recording of me playing a keyboard in my living room, and it was done on the fly in a single take. It’s as homemade as a record gets and yet it’s good enough to play on the radio, apparently, because two of the songs, Hollywood Trainwreck and Over Now, have been getting radio airplay on stations across the US! They’re playing my music on the radio, kids!!!!

And I’m not talking about internet radio stations (although I’m getting a fair amount of play from those as well). I’m talking about real FM radio stations playing my music, including Clear Channel’s KISS FM, Baltimore’s WNBC, the Tuesday Morning Show in New Jersey, etc. The list of stations that play my music is growing by the day, and just this week alone my music has been put in rotation at seven new stations — that’s one a day! And they’re not just giving me a random spin. They’re having me on as a special guest, and I’ve been doing phoners a few times a week. Phoners are interviews with radio stations where